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Live Dealer Roulette

Live Dealer Roulette is an innovative game from NetEnt that brings the best of roulette gaming right to the comfort of your living room. With this game, it’s like you are playing at a land based casino right from the comfort of your living room. “How is this possible?” you may ask. To find out, just continue reading this review of this work of genius from NetEnt.

About the Developer of Live Dealer Roulette

NetEnt is casino developer that is rightly one of the pioneers in the world of online casino game development. This casino developer has been in the business of developing casino gaming since 1996. NetEnt is based in Sweden and Malta and is listed publicly on the NASDAQ Stockholm OMX. You are sure to get the best of casino gaming from the game.

About the Game

The game of roulette is one that has garnered a loyal base of almost fanatical fans over the centuries in which this game has graced the casino gaming world. The introduction of online casino gaming changed the world of casino gaming and the game of roulette was not left out. With online roulette, players could enjoy the game of roulette from anywhere in the world with their devices. You could even be spinning the wheels from the comfort of your living room or in the cosiness of your bed.

However, online roulette is a game that is sure to breed loneliness. What this means is that since you are at home, you can’t interact with other players at the casino. You can’t even see the croupier. All this has changed with the introduction of Live Dealer Roulette. This special roulette game recreates the camaraderie normally expected in a land-based casino.

The spinning of the wheel in this game is not via some random number generator. Rather, this game involves the spinning of a physical wheel by a real croupier at the casino. In addition to this, you can interact with the other players present through the chat feature made available here. With this new development from NetEnt, there would be absolutely no need for you to go to a land-based casino for anything.


Live Dealer Roulette is a very commendable work from the works of NetEnt. The ability to transport a live dealer from a land-based casino is a technology that can only inspire awe.

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Name: Live Dealer Roulette

Posted On: 21/02/2017

Author: Andrew Smith