Internet casinos have raised the online gaming to a new level of experience. But the thrill of playing at the location with all the sounds, excitement and tension is something different. Live Roulette lets you experience all this in the comfort of your home. You can easily switch to new game if you aren’t feeling lucky. All this is possible by using a really good internet connection and webcams.

Set in a live dealer environment you have a croupier (no doubt very beautiful ladies) spinning the roulette wheel. Before that place your bets online with a timer countdown indicating the time left before she spins the wheel.Have butterflies in your stomach as the ball goes round and finally lands in a numbered slot.The actual feeling and sound of the ball dropping into the slot is exhilarating to the say the least.

Usually the European Roulette is popular in the live Roulette format. But some casinos offer the American or the French versions also. Whichever it is, the rules and stakes are same as in the real brick and mortar setup.

You can keep track of your betting and statistics with the various options displayed on screen. The Live Roulette even allows other players to directly interact with each other. A right mix of both the physical and virtual aspect of the game.

Live Roulette offers the thrill and delight associated with spinning the roulette wheel within your house. Keep your fingers crossed as destiny and luck plays it hand when the little white ball rolls.

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