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Mike Tyson Roulette

Are you a fan of Mike Tyson as well as gambling? Then Mike Tyson Roulette is the right place to be. With a lot of features to play and exciting rewards, it is an ideal option for newcomers and professionals. It has been developed by NYX (Inspired Gaming) and is based on the matches of Tyson and his championship titles. It is one of the popular table games and has the exciting feature of a knockout Bonus round that gives you the chances to win a load of money in the form of rewards. If you really like to utilise the exploits of Tyson in the gambling table, this is the game to play!

Mike Tyson Roulette revives the grandeur of the great boxer

Keeping in sync with the grandeur of Mike Tyson, the animations and design of Mike Tyson Roulette is also grand. The scenes are depicted superbly and along with them, we have a great audio track to keep you engulfed in the game. The game runs on advanced gaming software and can be played on the desktop and mobile devices. The latest software is compatible with the latest mobile platforms as well. It is possible to start playing the game with just £1.00 per turn and the maximum bet is £100.00.  A great feature of the game is that the player is awarded according to the sum of the odds of the bet.

You have the chance to win money at each level

The Knockout Bonus feature in Mike Tyson Roulette lets you place the bet with just £1.00 and not more than £5.00. If you are able to land the ball on the table once the spin stops, the bonus feature will be triggered. In this case, you may even get a payout of around £500.00. You will also get to see four punching bugs that have various payouts. Once you punch the bags, you will get to see the amount that you have won.  In addition, you have other kinds of bets, such as lucky dips, neighbour bets, and perfect bets and so on.

To Sum Up

True to its theme of imitating the grandeur of Mike Tyson, the game of Mike Tyson Roulette keeps you glued to the game every time. It has a good RTP percentage of over 94% and it provides you with the scope to win money at each level. If you are able to get an idea of the basic strategies and implement them to good effect, you will be able to become the winner.

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Name: Mike Tyson Roulette

Description: Want to watch your favourite boxer Mike Tyson on the Roulette table. Try Mike Tyson Roulette at Conquer Casino and spin the wheel to make some real money.

Posted On: 26/03/2018

Author: Andrew Smith